A journey that changed our lives: The birth of Secnatur Frankfurt

A trip to Turkey that we took with our friends in 2019 marked the beginning of everything. During this journey, we came across a fascinating store selling handmade leather products. The unique beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship of these products deeply impressed us, sparking a desire to start our own business.

After two years of intensive preparation, we finally established Secnatur Frankfurt in 2021, making sustainability and fair working conditions the principles of our business. Sustainability was important to us because our products are made from hides that result as a byproduct of meat production. This way, they not only complete their life cycle through their durability but also send a clear message for an eco-conscious future as they are fully recyclable.

While our designs are meticulously crafted with love in Germany, they are produced in close collaboration with a traditional family business in Turkey. This small enterprise also actively supports students in need as a social responsibility. Through this partnership, we shorten production processes and ensure fair compensation for every artisan, eliminating intermediaries. Thus, we establish a direct connection between talented individuals bringing our designs to life and you. And to strengthen this connection further, we are growing with our brand-new products.